This document was researched and written by Rebecca Perl and Laura Brotzman with assistance from Adam Karpati, Ariella Rojhani and Stewart Sinclair (Vital Strategies) and Lucy Westerman (NCD Alliance). Special thanks to David Jernigan (Boston University School of Public Health), Maik Duennbier and Kristina Sperkova (IOGT International) and Øystein Bakke and Sally Caswell (Global Alcohol Policy Alliance) for their thoughtful edits and insights. Also to Dag Rekve (World Health Organization), Alena Matzke (NCD Alliance), Tracey Johnston, Christina Curell (Vital Strategies), Aleksandra Kaczmarek (EUROCARE), Fiona Godfrey (EASL), Nils Garnes (Institute for Alcohol Studies), Robert Pezzolesi (New York Alcohol Policy Alliance), Katherine Brown (Institute for Alcohol Studies), Katie Dain (NCD Alliance) and Sandra Mullin (Vital Strategies) for their expertise, review and guidance. 

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